Black Friday


Black Friday is coming up.
In order to ensure that we can help you make that weekend and the entire holiday shopping season a success, here are a few things to begin planning for your Black Friday sale.


It is important to plan the start and end dates of your promotion.

Things to consider:
How many days will your sale last?
Thursday – Monday
Monday – Monday
Entire Month
Don’t be afraid to break the traditional timeline in order to differentiate among your competition.


What are you offering customers that will differentiate yourself among your competition?

Things to consider:
What items or categories will be discounted or promoted?
What is the offer type?
Item discount
Shipping discount
Gift with purchase
Will you offer a percentage discount
or dollar amount discount?
Are there any pre-qualifiers
for your promotion?


How will you communicate your sale to your customers? Additionally, how frequently will you use each channel throughout the promotion?

Things to consider:
Which channels do you have at your disposal?
Are there new channels you should consider using for the first time?
The most common include:
Social Media
On-Site Communication


You may need to take new photos, create promotional graphics, or create more written content to go along with the sale.

Things to consider:
What assets are needed to accomplish the goals you have set in the previous steps?
Promotional Graphics
Written Content
What pages will promotional materials drive to?
Does a unique landing page(s) need to be created?

Day Of

It’s not over, til it’s over. Don’t forget about the preparations for the big day.

Things to consider:
Don’t clear your cache or reindex.
Don’t run reports or make changes to your products or categories.
Make sure your coupon codes are tested and working.
Grab a beer and celebrate!

We recommend writing down your answers to these questions in a format that is easy for you and your team to understand.

We want to make sure you succeed during the holiday shopping season.
If you need us to guide you through asset design, development, or strategy, please provide any requests by September 30, 2015.

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