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At Gauge our goal is simple: To be a long-term, whole-business guide for our clients. Our success has always hinged on understanding our eCommerce retailers inside and out. Like any good guide, we plan our journey together according to your brand’s unique qualities—your customers, goals, values, and needs. To do that, we have to know who you are and what you value. So from the beginning, we’ve cultivated close partnerships with our clients.

Focusing on partnership and client value has shaped Gauge dramatically. We started as a web development agency, primarily delivering big technical projects like replatforming and mobile-friendly site builds. But as we grew with our partners we realized that, after launching a new site, our clients often didn’t need complex development work on an ongoing basis.

Instead, our clients needed a different set of services to get the most out of their new sites. With social media on the rise and digital marketing becoming more complex each year, clients needed services that focused on long-term growth—marketing strategy, SEO help and PPC campaigns, planning for future site improvements, and social media management.
That’s where we could offer ongoing value.

So in 2015, we began developing the Gauge marketing and creative teams. Today, we offer both big project services and ongoing, comprehensive growth services to all kinds of clients around the world.

Social Media: A New Frontier

One high-value growth service we offer is social media management. Every eCommerce professional knows that social media engagement is powerful. An active, on-brand presence can turn casual browsers into brand loyalists. Social media has opened an entirely new playing field for retailers. Traditional marketing is like a performance: whether it’s through billboards, TV commercials, or even digital ads, the retailer presents a prerecorded, prepackaged message, and then just hopes that message can capture their audience’s attention.

In contrast, social media is live and interactive. It’s a conversation. We’re used to using social media to interact with the people in our lives, from far-flung family members to our coworkers after business hours. When you interact with your customers through comments and messages, they begin to see your brand as an individual, with its own unique personality, story, and voice. As customers talk with your brand the same way they talk with Aunt Kathy or John from Accounting, you build a relationship. Suddenly your brand feels human, which gives everything you say a different weight than traditional advertising. You’re not an announcer blaring a loud commercial; you’re a Facebook friend saying, “Hey, I think you’d like this!”

Your Guide Through the New Frontier

If social media is so powerful, why isn’t it wildly successful for everyone? Well, it takes a lot of work. Every stage of delivering content is critical—brainstorming creative ideas, bringing them to life with high-quality posts, coordinating a regular posting schedule, following up with comments and fan questions… and then doing it all over again the next day.

You’ve also got to stay on top of emerging trends, keep holidays and sale cycles in mind, learn rising social channels, and watch what your competition is doing. It takes a different skill set than day-to-day eCommerce management.

That’s why we now offer end-to-end social media management. Because we take the time to really know who you are, we can embody your brand and give it a voice. Our creative team and marketing experts can go the extra mile to bring your brand to life. Let’s look at an example.

In Action: ORAFOL + Gauge at SEMA

Meet ORAFOL. ORAFOL manufactures films, reflectives, and sign products, but they’re best known for their automotive wraps. The brand is a leader in automotive customization. Because ORAFOL wraps are an easy way to customize and protect any vehicle, they’ve become a favorite among car enthusiasts everywhere.

We’ve been partnering with ORAFOL for several years, helping them keep their products top-of-mind for their social media followers. Each November, the ORAFOL crew treks to Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in a huge industry trade show organized by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). Started in 1963, the SEMA Show is now part of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week, one of the biggest events on the Las Vegas calendar.

It’s an industry-only show, so it’s a huge opportunity to get the ORAFOL name in front of installers, dealers, and professionals across the market. This year, we worked with the ORAFOL team to orchestrate a social media campaign for the event.

Although their photography is gorgeous, nothing quite compares to seeing ORAFOL wraps in person. ORAFOL holds in-booth demos to show off their products and impress installers. Naturally, there’s lots of competition for attention at SEMA, so planning is critical. We created social media schedules and calendars to keep us on target and make sure we hit all highlights before, during, and after our show.

Here’s what that looked like:

Before SEMA
We started hyping up the ORAFOL followers with posts leading up to the event. We shared some #throwback posts from SEMA 2016 and gave some sneak peeks for new products ORAFOL would unveil during the show. We also prominently advertised ORAFOL’s booth location and a schedule of demos and events to draw people in.

During SEMA
ORAFOL ran some great marketing programs during the tradeshow. Installation demos, a live podcast with Will Castro, and giveaways took place at their booth. As their Gauge Account Manager, I was on hand to post announcements, upload videos and photos, and broadcast the in-booth events with tools like Facebook Live. This real-time content kept ORAFOL followers up to date. It also boosted booth visits during in-booth demos, when ORAFOL films were showcased in all of their colorful, easy-to-install glory.

Another service Gauge provided for ORAFOL was capturing content throughout the event. The photography, interviews, discussions, and more will become key creative assets the ORAFOL team can use throughout the upcoming year.

After SEMA
Once the event wrapped up, Gauge still had a job to do. We took care of all post-event content and played a critical role during follow up. As the ORAFOL team recovered from their tradeshow hustle, we announced contest winners, made post-event social media posts, and created SEMA wrap-up blog content.

Bringing Brands to Life

By working in close partnership, Gauge and ORAFOL created a comprehensive experience for SEMA Show attendees. ORAFOL handled the in-booth events and we took care of the digital experience. Many new relationships were ignited, and the ORAFOL brand and products came to life in a truly compelling way.

That’s what it’s all about for us: Taking weight off your shoulders and working as one team to bring your brand to the world. Savvy social media management is an irreplaceable part of that. So next time your business needs an extra hand during that big day… get social with Gauge.

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