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You want a platform that will be a reliable foundation for the next 3-5 years. Your software needs enough horsepower, adaptability, and control for the changing landscape ahead. Your technical team needs an expert to engineer a seamless system. Most of all, you need a whole-business partner who understands your unique goals and vision. We can meet those needs and more.


Enterprise eCommerce Capabilities

Complete Customization & Control

Magento’s open-source platform allows you to customize and tweak every detail of your site. Through extensions and custom code, you have the power to cater to your customers’ needs. We work with you to design a site that blends the functionality you need, with the user experience your customers desire.

One Database, Many Stores

Need a wholesale storefront? Want to expand into a new international market? With Magento, you only need one codebase and one database to do it all. Updates stream through every storefront, saving you from major administrative overhead. We create new storefronts for you so you can confidently compete in new markets.

Speed & Scalability

The rise of mobile shopping makes site speed more important than ever. Optimizing your hosting and site architecture to work on any device or network is essential in today’s market. To do this, we’ve partnered with the top Magento cloud hosting companies. With their master architects, we can build a custom system optimized for Magento.

Our Process



Leave no stone unturned.



Customer-centric design.



Business-centric development solutions.



Go live, only when you’re ready.

Post Launch Support

Post Launch SUpport

Growth oriented support for your business.

Magento Planning and Design

Magento Project Planning

Let’s plan the details, together.

At Gauge, it is our responsibility to ensure that your Magento project is successful. We know from experience that the best way to ensure success is to analyze the business goals and technical needs prior to beginning a project. That’s why we offer comprehensive project planning that digs deep into your requirements. We’ll meet on-site or jump on a conference call, it’s up to you. This allows us to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Development and Integrations

Data Migration

Data Migration

Safeguarding your data.

Your data is the backbone of your business. Together, we’ll analyze, prepare, and migrate all your data—products, attribute sets, customers, and everything else. Attention to detail in this phase will pay off now and in the future. It streamlines marketing efforts and paves the way for tomorrow’s profit growth.

Responsive Front-end Development

Where functionality meets usability.

Your customers should be able to buy anytime, on any device. Our developers and designers work together to make this happen. We combine functionality, animation, and usability to create an experience your customers can engage with anywhere.


Aligning your most important systems.

Our project management and development team works with you to check your current software integrations, map requirements, and plan workflow optimizations. Then leave it to us to make it all work. Successful integrations should set your eCommerce store free. We make that happen.

Post-Launch Support


Strong foundations are built on training.

A customized site demands customized training. Our Project Managers will train you and your team on how to work with your new platform. We conduct one-on-one sessions with your team throughout the project. Each person can ask questions and learn new skills for their individual responsibilities. We’ll equip your entire team for success, one person at a time.

Partnership & Support

Great technology needs great support.

Powerful technology is nothing without a great team to support it. To keep your business innovating and growing, we create a custom support agreement. We understand what ongoing support you’ll need before we even begin your build. This gives you a clear total cost of ownership, so you can make informed decisions and plan for the future.

“We have access to not only their account manager, who’s fantastic to work with, but also their senior-level staff. Due to how their company is structured, we always feel like we’re working with skilled professionals.”

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Built for Long-Term Success

Not only will you have support from the Magento team, but you’ll have access to a Gauge account manager as well as our entire team of creatives and developers. When you become a client, you become a partner; a member of our team. Magento requires support before and after the website launch so we’re here to help with not only pre-project goals, but post project goals as well. We are here to be a long-term eCommerce business partner.

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