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High-powered Magento stores require regular maintenance and fine-tuning. Our team will work closely with yours to keep your environment secure, optimized, and bug-free. You can’t focus on growth if you’re busy resolving downtime, fixing inefficiencies, or overcoming technical roadblocks. So we’ll support you day and night to make sure your site just plain works.

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What Makes Gauge Different

No Hourly Billing

Nobody likes a confusing surprise invoice, so we’ve committed to transparency. Our fixed pricing means you’ll pay one flat monthly rate for the services you’ve agreed to, period. If you need anything beyond your monthly services, we’ll scope and price each project separately. Working together, we’ll plan each project within your roadmap, so you can budget confidently. No more sticker shock or invoice haggling—and that’s a guarantee.

Total Team Access

Because we don’t bill by the hour, it won’t cost you more to meet with many members of our team. You can access our entire array of diverse expertise whenever you need it, without feeling penalized. This wider collaboration paves the way for more creative, robust solutions that directly impact your bottom line.

Developers you can trust

Most agencies assign tasks to any available developer. But we use a better workflow, designed for certainty and transparency. By assigning specific developers to your site, chosen with your needs and their strengths in mind you’ll know every person by name and have direct access to your developers.

Account Management

Proactive Account Management

Proactive Account Management

An account manager dedicated to your success.

We’re proud to offer one of the lowest AM-to-client ratios on the industry: Never more than 5:1, and often lower. A healthy, thriving partnership is our #1 goal, so we make sure your Account Manager will always have time to focus on your unique goals and needs.

Project Roadmaps

Look into the future and focus long-term with a comprehensive roadmap.

Do you know what you need to do within the next 3-6 months to achieve your long-term goals? The everyday tasks of running an eCommerce operation can make it difficult to focus on the big picture. Our Account Managers are here to help. As experienced eCommerce professionals, we’ll help you zoom out and create a comprehensive roadmap for your business. By looking into the future and focusing on the long term, you can proactively prepare for what lies ahead.

Total Team Access

Expertise at your fingertips.

A successful partnership means communicating about everything, big and small. For the big things, you’ll meet with your Account Manager each month to go over everything in progress. For the small things, you’re free to meet with your Account Manager whenever it’s needed. Our Total Team Access keeps our expertise at your fingertips. You can get your questions answered, bring up new ideas, and stay informed—always.

Quarterly Partnership Reviews

We want you to get the most out of your project with us.

Our #1 goal is simple: To provide a ton of value to you and your team. We’ve modeled our entire business on it. To make sure we’re succeeding, you’ll meet with our founders each quarter for a Partnership Review. This meeting is 100% focused on our working relationship. We want honest, blunt feedback so we can learn and grow quickly. This is our way of making sure you’re satisfied, and that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Chris Roach, Lead Developer

“We monitor everything, so our clients don’t have to.”

Store Performance and Security

Automatic Security Patches & Updates

Keeping your site safe and secure.

Keeping your Magento site secure requires regular security patches. This is especially true for Magento 2; new technology simply needs more tweaking. Some of these patches can take up to 40 hours to apply. With hourly billing, you can’t avoid sudden hefty invoices. Our fixed rates eliminate these surprises. Every monthly service agreement includes all security patch application. Partnership with us means you can avoid security risks and unexpected sticker shock.

Magento Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Get the most out of your site and keep it performing at its best.

In eCommerce, time is money. A faster site means more conversions, so we test for speed every quarter. If any changes are needed, we’ll suggest the appropriate actions and work with you to execute them. We’ll also log each report, so you’ll have a running record of your site’s performance.

Downtime Monitoring

We are here to keep your site working for you.

Even the best system can run into issues. Using tools like New Relic and Pingdom, we get instant alerts for any downtime. By the time our clients know there’s an issue, we’re often already in action to fix it. We keep your site live so you can keep selling.

Hosting and Emergency Support

Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Trust our team of hosting experts.

Hosting can be one of the trickiest aspects of eCommerce. Our cloud hosting services, strategic partnerships, and Gauge-exclusive tools will remove the confusion.

Codebase Management

Keep your codebase safe.

Our workflows are built around protecting your site. We store, backup, and archive your codebase automatically. If the worst case scenario ever happens, your data and business stay protected.

Magento Emergency Support

Emergency Support (Optional Premium 24/7 Support)

We are here for you when you need us.

Downtime isn’t the only crisis that needs a fast response. If your site is up but your customers can’t purchase, you need an immediate resolution. Emergency tech support is built into all our agreements. We also offer premium tech support for an expanded range of hours or critical issues.

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Ryan Turner

Chris Roach

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A team you can trust

Your Magento support team will consist of your own dedicated account manager as well as expert Magento developers who know your site inside and out. When you become a client, you become a partner, a member of our team. Magento requires support before and after the website launch and we’re here to help with not only pre-project goals, but post project goals as well. We are here to be a long-term eCommerce business partner.

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