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Shopify and Shopify Plus combines cutting-edge technology with low technical overhead. It’s suited to digital innovators and the Shopify ecosystem’s plug-and-play apps make it a rising star in eCommerce. Stop wasting time on maintenance. Switch to Shopify and focus on growth and innovation.

Our Process



Leave no stone unturned.



Customer-centric design.



Business-centric development solutions.



Go live, only when you’re ready.

Post Launch Support

Post Launch Support

Growth oriented support for your business.

Planning and Design

On Site Project Planning

On-Site Project Planning

Let’s plan the details, together.

Nothing beats meeting in person to build a true partnership. That’s why we give each client the option of On-Site Project Planning. We’ll come to your location and plan your project together. This visit gives us a unique perspective on your business and brand. It accelerates our partnership and our efficiency.

User AB Testing

User Testing & A/B Testing

Data driven decision making.

Digital marketing can often feel like a guessing game. We remove the ambiguity through practical, real-world testing. We’ll suggest intelligent changes to your store based on real user input. Then we’ll road test the changes and measure the results, to make sure each improves your bottom line.

Development and Integrations

Responsive Front-End Design & Development

Seamless experiences on any device.

A mobile-friendly design is useless if it doesn’t function correctly. Our designers and developers work hand-in-hand to make sure your site works. We combine functionality, animation, and usability to create a powerful effect on your customers and make your store a pleasure to use. Your site will look great and work smoothly on any device.

Shopify Data Migration

Data Migration

Move your data safely. 

Your data is the backbone of your eCommerce company. Without it, growth is impossible. We analyze, prepare, and migrate all your data. This includes products, attribute sets, customers, and more. Attention to detail in this phase will pay off for years.


Bringing your most important systems together.

Our project management and development team works with you to check your current software integrations, map requirements, and plan workflow optimizations. Then leave it to us to make it all work. Successful integrations should set your eCommerce store free. We’ll make sure your systems work every time.

Shopify Custom App & Script Development

Custom App & Script Development

Create a custom experience.

We know that every business is unique and you may have certain requirements that are outside of the norm. That’s where we come in. Our Project Managers and Shopify developers have been there and done that and we can help you to develop your customized solution, whether that is a custom app or unique script, we have you covered.

Shopify Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Automation that works for you.

Automation is becoming essential to creating efficiency in your business. We have seen workflows that have made a huge impact on client’s bottom line. With our experience with Shopify Flow, we can help you to find workflows that work best for you and address your specific needs.

Post-Launch Support

On-Demand Training

We help your team learn a new system.

Learning a new platform can be daunting. Our Project Managers will train you and your team on how to work with your new platform. We conduct one-on-one sessions with your team throughout the project. Each person can ask questions and learn new skills for their individual responsibilities. We’ll equip your entire team for success, one person at a time.

“Gauge brings a holistic approach. Technically they’re very strong. Platform, architecture, interaction. They’re very strong. But they don’t let that overshadow the marketing piece or the brand message or even the ability to do the transaction.”

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Built for Long-Term Success

Our team will support you through your project and beyond. When you become a client, you become a partner; a member of our team. If you find yourself in need of more projects to grow your business after the website launch, we’re here to help with not only pre-project goals, but post project goals as well. We can provide you with access to an Account Manager as well as our entire team of creatives and developers. It is our goal to be a long-term eCommerce business partner. 

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