Front End Developer

Carlos Guevara

Carlos is one of our talented front end developers. He started his career by designing everything from t-shirts to logos to websites. He had a desire to start building his own web designs so naturally, he learned to code. He soon got a job programming/designing but eventually decided to leave that job to be an entrepreneur and start his very own agency with one of his friends (who was also a developer). After two years of hard work, Carlos decided to gain some more experience. So, he started working for a marketing firm as designer/developer where he did gain some valuable experience. Still looking to find his place, he applied to Gauge. And the rest is history.

Interesting fact about Carlos: When he was a kid he got hired to be an Elf for Christmas Ad.  They ended up placing a huge picture of just him dressed up as an elf on the side of a building that was right next to interstate for everyone to see.