Christopher Roach
Lead Developer

Christopher Roach

When you think of OG developers, Chris is the first one that comes to mind. After going to school for IT and falling in love with web development, it was clear that Chris wanted to code. When Gauge was in its early stages, Chris was one of the first developers brought onto the team—when we say OG, we mean it. For almost a decade, Chris has been building and supporting Magento websites, while also being a father and a husband. Ohh and you see that lovely little girl he’s holding in that photo, that is Hazel—she’s the office pup. Here are a few more things to know about Chris: 

My current TV binge is…Whatever BBC show Sir David Attenborough is narrating.

I’m pretty sure in another life I was…A whale—that is my spirit animal. 

I love Gauge because…It gives me the opportunity to work with small businesses and help them grow.