Dani Reinking

Dani is one of our development ninjas. she became interested in coding waaaay back when she was wee child (probably ~11-12), creating custom “pet pages” on Neopets. She took it upon herself to learn CSS, HTML and a bit of Javascript from and became enthralled with how fun it was to make things beautiful with code!

Her career in software development didn’t begin until she was 23 years old. She went through a bootcamp program learning OOP with C# and the MVC framework. And after a few years of learning various software languages, she still held CSS and HTML closest to her heart. A friend recommended she apply to Gauge, it sounded like the perfect place, so she applied and it’s been smooth sailing ever since!


Interesting fact about Dani: She has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of animated sitcoms (especially The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, and American Dad).