Daniel Augustine
Technology Director

Daniel Augustine

Daniel is Gauge’s Technical Director and one of our founders. His career in development started in his early teens as he continued to grow his passion for using technology to solve business problems. Over the years he has been in many different positions and roles at Gauge, from developer to technical sales and now the Technology Director. Having developed with some of the very first systems which allowed you to transact business online back in the late 1990s (Razorfish anyone?), he’s as dyed-in-the-wool on eCommerce technology as you can get. Here are a few more things you should know about Daniel: 

I’m pretty sure in another life I was…Cheetah. I have an insatiable need for speed.

The internet is perfect for…Meme’s/GIF’s/sharing knowledge

I love Gauge because…I get to work with truly excellent human beings, both internally at Gauge and on the client-side as well.