DJ Henley
Project Manager

DJ Henley

Craving a good dad joke to lighten up your day? DJ is your guy. Need a great project manager to help you start your new website build? DJ is definitely your guy. For DJ, it all started with googling, “how does Google work?” and since then he hasn’t looked back. Over the course of his career, minus his brief stint as a chimney sweep, he has worked in a variety of roles, in both agency and corporate settings, leading project builds and marketing efforts for brands. And don’t doc his creative abilities either, as he is a master at editing photos in Preview. Here’s what DJ wants you to know about him: 

The song that describes my life is…MMMBop by Hanson

The most inspiring part of my job is…Working with clients from start to finish on a website redesign, and ultimately launching a new eCommerce website that touches all aspects of their business.

I love Gauge because…Our people are genuine.