Erin Hendricks
Communications Coordinator

Erin Hendricks

Erin is our People Department Lead. Though her list of responsibilities might be longer than your grocery store receipt, she keeps the Gauge office running smoothly every day. Erin has always been a people person, even before Gauge she worked in hospitality in a variety of industries. From human resource management to hiring and the occasional office snack run, Erin takes pride in curating a healthy, fair and fulfilling place to work for our entire team. Oh and we almost forgot, if you’re ever looking for a crime or history podcast recommendation, Erin is your go-to. Here are a few more things you should know about her. 

People should know that…I have a soft heart, fiery hair, and a spine of steel (literally and figuratively).

My favorite movie quote is…“Liar! I’m not a witch; I’m your wife!” – Princess Bride

The internet is perfect for…Accessibility! I have a physical disability. The internet lets me work, socialize, keep in touch with family, entertain myself, and engage with so many communities.

I love Gauge because…It’s a genuinely healthy workplace and every voice matters.