Sales Director

Joey Hoer

Originally from Virginia, Joey’s mother was an English teacher, and his father owns his own business making signs, so he grew up in the 90s using sophisticated page layout and graphic design products (anyone remember PageMaker? CorelDraw?). In high school, social media was just emerging, and he began to develop a passion for frontend code by customizing his MySpace profile. When he got his first laptop, a 2007 MacBook Pro, he got interested in theming the UI of MacOS (MacThemes!). He was particularly interested in iconography, so he decided to follow a Web Design program in college. The curriculum was focused on graphic design, but he was also interested in programming, so for his electives, he choose to enroll in as many programming classes as he could, and he built his own Frontend Web Development curriculum. After graduating college, he worked as a web developer and found his way into eCommerce. Eventually, he transitioned into a management role in New York City, leading a team of developers and account managers focused on providing strategy and support services to more than 30 clients. After returning home to Richmond, Virginia, he found his way into Sales. He would like to own his own business one day, and he’s always viewed sales as an important and necessary skill.

But Joey is still true to his roots and fairly active in programming. Checkout his Github and Codepen accounts.

Joey’s Secret Talent: Breakdancing