Ryan Turner
Senior Developer

Ryan Turner

Ryan is one of our Senior Back-End Developers. If you’re wondering how he got the term senior in his title, it’s because he’s a development veteran. After finishing high school, Ryan jumped right into programming where he fostered his development skills and knowledge. If you ask anyone at Gauge who has the most diverse work experience under their belt, Ryan would be the answer. From banking to local governments, data centers to eCommerce, Ryan has seen it all and will tell you about it. Check out a few more things Ryan wants you to know about him: 

The song that describes my life is…Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Lorde. 

I’m pretty sure in another life I was…A spartan warrior. 

The most inspiring part of my job is…Having the ability to use many different technologies to implement complex solutions.

I love Gauge because…They are my work family. We actually care about the services/solutions we provide and strive to be better with every iteration.