Seth Akkerman

Seth Akkerman

There are two things you need to know about our designer Seth—pizza and sneakers. You can catch Seth probably rocking a pair of Nike Momofuku Dunks, with a slice in hand as he drafts up design ideas. With over a decade of experience in digital design, Seth has dabbled in architecture, education, and now eCommerce. As our lead designer, Seth brings our client’s websites to life with intuitive and innovative ideas that push the creative envelope. If that’s not enough, quiz him on some 90’s Hip Hop and he will drop some serious knowledge.  Here are a few things Seth wants you to know about him:

I’m pretty sure in another life I was…Either a musician or a detective. Maybe just a really observant musician.

The internet is perfect for…Learning

The song that describes my life is…Hustlin’ by Rick Ross

I love Gauge because…Our people are great.