Ames Walker: Selling personalized comfort through over 50 years of experience.

About Our Partner

Ames Walker’s goal is to provide affordable comfort through premium compression socks and hosiery. For over 20 years, the Ames Walker team has worked hard to establish their brand reputation. They offer over 40,000 combinations of products, styles, and colors.

Ames Walker customers typically suffer from chronic issues. Their team is truly committed to providing comfort. Certified experts with over 50 years of combined experience are on call to help shoppers find exactly what they need. High-quality products, outstanding selection, and exemplary customer service has paid off with a loyal, devoted customer base.

Project Details

  • Client On-site Project Kickoff
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design & Development
  • Shopify Plus Migration
  • Product Finder Feature
  • Full Data Migration
  • Shopify Plus Blog

Project Story

New Platform, Less Overhead

Ames Walker needed a faster site with fewer checkout issues. They also wanted to improve organic search with an SEO-friendly structure. After discussing their needs and brainstorming solutions, we recommended moving to Shopify Plus.

Our teams worked closely to migrate, redesign, and launch a site on Shopify Plus. Because they focus on personalized service, we also created a special homepage feature. The new product finder lets customers easily narrow down product options, based on their specific needs.

Close Collaboration

To make sure we fully understood their needs, we traveled to Ames Walker HQ in Asheboro, NC. Through in-depth conversations, we learned who their customer is, what they want, and why they shop at Ames Walker. We also spent a lot of time on the whiteboard. Together we planned their sitemap, content, and custom features.

This project took significant research into their brand and custom product line. Ames Walker has a fully branded line of compression wear, plus proprietary products like the Lounge Doctor. We focused heavily on these when creating their site strategy.

During our visit, we got to know their entire operation. We toured their warehouse and interviewed key team members to really understand how their site was used. This gave us the insight we needed to confidently recommend Shopify Plus as their new platform.

Data Migration

As with any replatforming project, moving to Shopify Plus included migrating all product data. Staying on time and on budget during this phase was critical for Ames Walker. No one can afford to lose data, and Ames Walker couldn’t afford to lose traffic. We invested significant time in planning their data migration, with a special focus on SEO strategy and analytics.

Connecting Customers to the Right Products

Shopify Plus didn’t include every feature Ames Walker needed. We filled in the gaps with custom development. A key addition was the homepage’s product finder feature. Ames Walker wanted an easy tool that would help users identify the right products for their needs. The product finder feature was a practical way to combine their superb customer service and personalized help with today’s technology.


Key Results

  • Conversion Rate increased 8.9%
  • Improved Bounce Rate by 13.44%
  • Increased Transactions 6.9%