Carlo's Bakery: An online storefront for the Cake Boss and his family-owned bakeries.

About Our Partner

You probably know Carlo’s Bakery by another name; it’s home base for Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss. Buddy took over his family’s bakery as an ambitious young businessman. Today, it’s an empire. The brand includes 22 bakery locations worldwide, a Vegas restaurant, a line of cookbooks, a hit cable TV show and several affiliated shows. Carlo’s Bakery wanted to take eCommerce by storm with their now-famous baked goods and supplies. They came to us for help.  

Project Details

  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12
  • Custom Design
  • eCommerce Consulting
  • Salesforce integration powered by Cloudgento
  • Shipstation Integration
  • Custom Shipping Configuration

Project Story

Even before The Cake Boss became a household name, Carlo’s Bakery had a long heritage of delicious excellence. This local bakery in the Northeast was established in 1910. Locals have long raved about their pastries and desserts. For generations, a special occasion wasn’t complete without a signature Carlo’s cake.

After Buddy took over the family business, primetime came calling. Their first show was a huge hit. Buddy and his team quickly realized they needed a way to meet the demand of their new global fans. They had to figure out how to make eCommerce work, and they signed on with us for help.

Big Challenges Need Big Solutions

Turning a local bakery into an efficient eCommerce operation was no small task. They had to create delicious products that could be shipped easily and economically. They needed a large-volume facility to keep up with demand. And they needed a complex shipping operation to get fresh goods to their customers. In true Cake Boss fashion, they dove in headfirst and made a significant investment.
First, they bought new property and built their state of the art “Cake Factory.” The eCommerce team worked with their bakers to create products that could withstand shipping and still deliver first-rate flavor. Working with shipping vendors, they developed unique contracts for refrigerated shipping options. These got their goods delivered on time, without breaking the bank.

Infusing Design With Company Flavor

Our mission was to design and create their new eCommerce site. To better understand their operation, we went on-site to meet their team. A visit to the Cake Factory really highlighted their values and culture. Their whole operation focuses on attention to detail and the wants, needs, and concerns of each customer.

Our visit also showed us how important shipping would be. Most of their orders are for special occasions. We saw first-hand how much care went into each product. We knew it’d be vital to clearly communicate shipping details. Their customers had to know exactly when their product would arrive before placing an order.

With this in mind, we created a simple and clear shipping table. This tool displays their shipping options, with shipping dates and arrival dates for each. In small but critical ways like this one, their new site truly reflects their values.

We designed and developed the entire site with this customer-first mindset. Large, detailed images of each product show off every detail. The site sells more than just baked goods; it includes branded bakeware, merchandise, and baking classes. Back-end functionality makes it easy to see which products are available at a glance. We integrated it all with the Salesforce system they rely on to manage their internal operations. Their site doesn’t only sell products; it keeps their entire team running smoothly.

Key Results

The new Carlo’s Bakery site is wildly successful. They recently expanded their operation to handle their increased sales volume.  Jumping into eCommerce has ushered Carlo’s Bakery into a new business era.