Chamilia: Jewelry that inspires living

About Our Partner

Founded in 2002, Chamilia delivers high quality charms and jewelry to women seeking to live their best lives. They created their products around that idea and each piece is developed to reflect and inspire living. Whether it be a piece for a significant other, family member, or a personal piece, Chamilia prides itself on giving customers the gift of a story that is theirs and theirs alone. In 2013, Chamilia was adopted into the Swarovski family, where their experts, in collaboration with Chamilia, continue to deliver the best in glass and crystal jewelry. Today, they are sold in brick and mortar stores, along with operating a successful eCommerce website.

Project Details

  • Replatform from Intershop to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud
  • Planning Onsite
  • Site Analysis and SEO Audit
  • Complete Data Migration
  • Fully Responsive Website Design & Development
  • ERP Integration
  • Magento Training
  • Store Locator

Project Story

The Chamilia team came to us looking to take big steps forward by replatforming their eCommerce store. After analyzing and understanding their design specifications, our team decided that Magento 2 Enterprise would be the right fit for their business.

As growing brand and newly adopted member of the Swarovski family, Chamilia wanted to match their aesthetic with their new partners while still holding true to their brand roots.

Upon making the decision to replatform, Chamilia looked to us to help create a site that was functional for both customers and internal employees alike, all while guiding them through the development process. Our collaboration with Chamilia allowed our development team to work closely with their design team, bringing new life to their online store.



The design process for this project took an alternative route in which we collaborated with Chamilia’s internal design team. From their end, they created a design that was reflective of their branding and imagery, while we continued to determine the applicability of those design choices. It was a balance that allowed for Chamilia to operate independently from a creative standpoint, but use our expertise and knowledge to remain grounded in design functionality. From there, the design team at Chamilia brought us the final deliverables and our team scoped out the functionality of those design elements.


Data Migration

As with all re-platforming projects, data migration is essential to a successful build, which is something that our team of developers has a strong expertise in. The Chamilia team provided exports from their database, and our lead developer on the project, Jonathan, mapped and reformatted all their data to fit within the Magento ecosystem.


Custom ERP Integration

Chamilia needed a system that would allow their ERP to communicate with their Magento 2 store. In order to accomplish this, we built a custom ERP integration, allowing order, tracking, and inventory data to be shared between the ERP and Magento 2.


Global Markets and GDPR Compliance

Chamilia competes in a global market, so their sites must be operable in a variety of languages. To accommodate their global customers we created a total of 5 websites and 8 store views. To make it easier for the Chamilia team to add languages in the future, we simplified the process so they could add different languages to their site without running into trouble.

Another important factor when operating in a global market is GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new mandate put in place for all countries in the European Union as a way to protect customer data. Our team worked closely with Chamilia to make sure their site was GDPR compliant by ensuring that all third-party extensions followed GDPR requirements before fully installing and integrating. For the Hubspot extension in particular, we made customizations to ensure that it met all GDPR specifications.

Key Results

  • On time, on budget launch
  • Reliable and secure ERP integration
  • Successful setup for future language additions
  • GDPR Compliance