Map Resources: Using cutting-edge techniques to transform geographic data into beautiful vector maps.

About Our Partner

Map Resources creates high-quality digital maps for graphics and design professionals. Their cartography and design experts use cutting-edge techniques to transform geographic data into vector maps. Their products are both beautiful and useful.

Map Resources serves many high-profile customers. Organizations in design, media, publishing, education, and government love their products. They also do brisk business with small art and design agencies across the globe.

Project Details

  • Client On-site Project Kickoff
  • Responsive Design
  • Logo Refresh
  • Shopify Unlimited
  • Unique Digital Products
  • Integrated WordPress Blog
  • Migration from Magento to Shopify Unlimited
  • Data Migration

Project Story

Map Resources had several goals:

  1. Reduce overhead so they could focus on growth, not maintenance
  2. Update their design and brand
  3. Improve site navigation
  4. Educate their customers on licensing and product use


New Platform, Updated Look

For the first two challenges, we suggested moving from Magento to Shopify. The Shopify platform weds up-to-date technology with low technical overhead, so it was a perfect fit. We carefully migrated all their product, customer, and order data to their new site. Then we went to work on the design.

We found a Shopify theme their team loved and then customized it to suit their specific needs. The logo got a fresh new twist. We also updated some other design elements, like icons, to meet current website design standards.

Charting A New Navigation Flow

Site navigation needs to be intuitive and natural. The Map Resources site had many navigation options, which felt overwhelming and confusing. We needed to simplify.

To make the smartest choice, we did some research. We discovered that most map buyers search by location first, and then by map type. With this in mind, we built a simplified, location-first navigation. A user first selects the region, country, state, or city they need. Then they can use category filters like features, shape, license, or file format to narrow down their options. This flow lets users find exactly what they need in just a few clicks. Streamlining user experience has had a direct impact on their bottom line.

Licensing Features

Map Resources sells digital products, and license sales are critical. Each product has several licensing options. This can be a confusing subject for customers, so the site needed to explain it clearly.

We used a Shopify app for this feature. Help bubbles explain the options, and users can easily select the one they need. With conditional formatting, information is only shown as needed. This keeps the product detail pages clean and informative.

Key Results

Migrating to Shopify was a huge win for Map Resources. They’ve downsized their eCommerce overhead and expense. Today, they can focus on building their business, not maintaining their technology.

  • Increased Conversions 119%
  • Improved Bounce Rate 4.37%
  • Increased Average Session Duration 20%