MOSCOT: A family business spanning across 5 generations and 103 years tackles eCommerce.

About Our Partner

Owners Harvey and Zach Moscot have built their family legacy into a style icon and global fashion brand. Since 2012, MOSCOT has been growing an international eCommerce and B2B market. They’ve achieved an impressive balance. The MOSCOT brand is steeped in heritage, with nostalgic imaging and bold throwback design. Yet their styles are so fashion-forward that they’re loved by celebrities and tastemakers everywhere.

Project Details

  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design & Development
  • Magento Community Edition
    Rescue Project
  • Custom WordPress Blog Integration
  • Global eCommerce
  • Custom Lens Selector App
  • Custom B2B storefront

Project Story

MOSCOT’S Magento Community project began at another agency, but after 18 months, their site still hadn’t launched. They came to us for help. We rebooted the project, quickly fixed the roadblocks, and went live within a few months.

The Moscot family has been fitting and customizing eyewear for New Yorkers for 100 years. Their original vision was to tie their digital presence with their retail storefronts; that was very important to the family. So this project had several goals: Fulfill the original vision. Provide digital customers with an experience that felt like visiting their retail locations. Create a high-performing site and highlight MOSCOT’s unique brand personality. Attract more US customers and take advantage of their strong European presence. And most importantly, waste no more time or money.

We achieved these goals with designs that mirrored the aesthetic of their iconic New York City stores. We also developed a custom lens selection feature. This module lets digital shoppers create specific frame and lens combinations, using their detailed prescription information. Customers can now feel as if they’re being personally fitted, no matter where they live.

Gauge successfully launched the MOSCOT site and got them back on track. Together we developed maintenance plan to support their team post-launch. We also led the charge on several more projects designed to drive global growth for the MOSCOT brand.

Key Results

When MOSCOT came to us, they were hemorrhaging money and felt burned by an awful agency relationship. After a bad experience, any business owner would be cautious and gun-shy. But the MOSCOT team was thrilled with our commitment to their goals. We rescued their site while earning their trust as a solid, reliable partner for the long term.