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About Our Partner

Old Time Candy owners, Don Bridge and his daughter, Barb Peterseim, have always had an affinity for candy, and bringing back the nostalgic aura that comes with tasting your favorite sweets from childhood. Since 2000, Don and Barb have been selling retro candy favorites, taking their buyers back to a time when life was sweeter. From day one, they’ve taken the marathon approach to their small family business. The Old Time Candy operation slowly took over their basement, then their entire home. Now they have their own warehouse and a team that works like a family.

For the last 18 years, they have grown a small family business into a competitor in a very unique and selective market, while also gaining a digital audience along the way. Though their roots are planted firm in the past, they knew that growing their digital reach was imperative to success. Growth has always been a major focus for Old Time Candy, and as the digital market evolved, they understood the value of gaining a wider audience in the digital space.

Old Time Candy has nurtured the simple delight of reliving childhood through the experience that they create for buyers, allowing adults and kids alike to walk down the aisles of their own personal candy store. Using candy as the catalyst, Old Time Candy asks their audience to take a step back in time, and enjoy the sweet memories, while curing the cravings for candy classics. Today, they continue to diversify and engage with their digital audience in unique and heartwarming ways.

Project Details


  • Email & Social Strategy


  • Email Design & Copywriting
  • Content Creation


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Management
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Project Story

Strategy from Start to Finish

We value our partnership with Old Time Candy, and they value it with us too, which is why they trusted us once again to take on their social and email strategy. They put us in the driver’s seat and gave us full control over strategy and campaign creation. From start to finish, we created a plan for them to increase revenue and drive engagement.

Email Campaigns with a Sweet Surprise

Working with the Old Time Candy brand is fun, to say the least. Their “American Dream” story gives us a plethora of material  to work with. In addition, we enjoy promoting a brand with such integrity and focus on the customer experience. Our creative team creates engaging designs and copy to get customers excited about candy they ate as a kid–stirring up fond memories from the good ol’ days, and helping them to reflect on their most cherished memories.

The brand and story of Old Time Candy is at the helm of all of our designs. We focus on engaging the brand authentically with customers and not just selling candy (even though that’s important too). With the audience  as a primary focus, Old Time Candy has developed a strong following of dedicated candy enthusiasts who continue to share their stories.

In addition to the brand experience, our team also works to ensure that emails perform their best by  using A/B testing strategies for content and subject lines to optimize for the best open rates. We continue to hone in the best strategies and campaign types to ensure that Old Time Candy sees increased revenue through their email channel.

Social Engagement with a Loyal Following

Since the first time Old Time Candy partnered with Gauge, we have worked with them to develop strategies that range across several areas of their business, including social media. Before partnering with Gauge, Old Time Candy managed their social interactions in house, but quickly realized that to drive engagement and gain followers, they would have to enlist some professional help. That’s when they turned to Gauge.

We first focused on developing the Old Time Candy voice–one that was friendly and lighthearted. We wanted to create consistency across channels, while also keeping in mind the diverse nature of each one. We created a branding guide that ensured we share the right content, with the correct voice, on all social channels. This framework allowed us to continue to post great content that engages with users.

Today, we work with Old Time Candy to progress social strategy, develop custom social graphics, and  create engaging copy. We make posts that work with promotions to support other channels like email, driving traffic to the site and promoting conversions. In addition to this, we also create engaging posts that stir interaction with users. These posts are meant to trigger the nostalgic memories of childhood and help people remember their most cherished memories about candy they ate as a kid. This dichotomy of posts creates brand loyalty and following.

Old Time Candy Mobile Homepage Candy Memory Mock Up
Old Time Candy Mobile Candy Memory Mock Up

Some of Our Favorites

Candy Memory Contest

The Candy Memory contest came about in an effort to engage with customers and to create meaningful user generated content for their channels. This (UGC) strategy was built on top of the already existing candy memories that have been shared on the Old Time Candy site since the beginning.

As an incentive to get more of those wonderful memories on the site, we offered a free Decade Gift Boxes (a fan favorite) to the customer with the best candy memory. Our strategy included a combination of an onsite landing page, curated social posting, and an email campaign strategy. Our creative team developed custom designs and engaging copy to drive the message home.

The contest was a success, to say the least. Dozens of captivating memories piled in. It was a joy to read them all and see the happy memories attached to these classic candies. It was such a success in fact, that we have made it a quarterly tradition, asking all  Old Time Candy customers to share their memories with us and the rest of the Old Time Candy family.

In addition to being a great way to engage with customers, this content was valuable for organic search. Speaking about the candy itself  helped to boost rankings in organic search results for candies like Zots, Hershey Bars, and more. It was a perfect combination of driving revenue and building the brand, making the campaign a success.

A Pretty Sweet Christmas Deal

Christmas is always a cheerful holiday, but nothing makes it better than having some candy stuffed in your stocking. In an effort to bring that same joy to customers, the creative team set out once again to create a campaign to remember with:

  • Custom email graphics & copy
  • Custom social graphics & copy
  • Targeted email sends based on customized segments
  • 25% increase in email revenue vs previous year

Key Results

Since starting our work with Old Time Candy we have seen some pretty incredible results. We continue to see improvement across all channels which in turn, is generating more traffic and revenue.

Email Revenue


Facebook Referral Revenue


Social Conversion Value


Increase in Followers


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