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About Our Partner

Nostalgia through the catalyst of candy has been at the core of Don and Karen Bridge’s business at Old Time Candy. Living by the mantra, “Candy you ate as a kid,” their story began in the basement of their Midwest home, and evolved to a warehouse of more than 3,000 sweets that will take you back to the days of childhood.

Filled with one of the most comprehensive collections of candy, and a team just as passionate about sugar, they give buyers more than a box filled with their favorite candy, it is an experience–one that will keep you coming back for more.

For over 17 years, Old Time Candy has translated the simple delights of childhood into authentic growth. They continue to compete at the national level in a highly competitive and specialized market niche, while holding true to their brand.  They continue to build their brand by connecting with their audience in delectable and unique ways.

Project Details

Project Management

  • Client On-site Project Kick Off

Custom Development

  • Delayed Delivery for Gifts in Cart
  • Gift Message/Hand Written Gift Cards for Gifts in Cart
  • Optional Donation to Water Wells for Africa in Cart

Shopify Development

  • Replatform from Magento to Shopify Plus
  • Critical Data Migration
  • Migration from WordPress to Shopify Blog


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design & Development

Project Story

Strong Partnership Makes the Difference

The Old Time Candy story is one we have shared before. They have been a partner for many years and they have trusted us to guide them through many projects. This was their second replatforming project with us–a transition to Shopify Plus.

On-Site and Hands-On

On-sites with a partner give us valuable insights into the business. During the Old Time Candy on-site, we talked through the brand to truly understand how to balance retro with new design features.

We largely focused on how we could make an incremental changes to enhance the user experience and improve the issues we knew were a problem. They also wanted to infuse the energy and excitement of candy/packaging into the process. We walked through their warehouse and looked at their vintage collection of candy wrappers, packaging and displays to get a feel for it and were able to come back with some great takeaways to get us started.

We also discussed how the operations of their business worked. By gaining an understanding of back office operations, we created an admin experience that is both useful and efficient to staff. This was incredibly helpful to us so we could truly understand where bottlenecks were happening and we could develop solutions to fix them.

DJ Henley, Director of Client Strategy

“There is nothing better than getting to experience a client’s business first hand. We walked the candy aisles of the warehouse which served as an inspiration that helped shape the “Walk the Candy Aisle” experience on OldTimeCandy.com”

New Platform, Less Overhead

They were looking to move toward a less maintenance heavy platform, and wanted a quicker, more simplified mobile interface. This made the suggestion to move to Shopify Plus an easy choice. The shift to this platform would lower their total cost of ownership, reduce their development overhead, and allow their team to focus more on marketing their site than keeping up with infrastructure.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Old Time Candy had a mission to take their currently complicated platform and move to something more simple to use for their entire team and at the same time, they also wanted to take the opportunity to improve the user experience. The goal was to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

  • User Testing revealed a lot of issues with checkout with many customers finding it difficult. Shopify’s checkout streamlines the process and makes it much easier for customers to complete a purchase.
  • We added simple horizontal filters to collection pages to ensure that customers are able to find and filter products, as well as to show more products per page.
  • Pack-a-Bag feature was improved to help customers understand where they are in the checkout process.
  • We added new overlay functionality to the quick ordering feature to ensure that customers get what they want, when they want it.

Creativity with Data Migration

With a large catalog of products, we had to get creative with Shopify to make it work. Old Time Candy has a few unique product types including personalized candy gift boxes and bulk candy. We discussed several methods during our data strategy. We realized that the client had put in many hours to make their products, catalog and CMS content work together in unison on their previous platform. We wanted to preserve their effort as much as possible and make it work on their new platform. Shopify Plus was able to adapt to this with some creativity and technical expertise. It’s a common misconception that Shopify lacks certain technical chops when moving from the Magento platform, but this transition proved Shopify Plus was up to the challenge and we were able to make the transition with ease.

During data migration, the Gauge team migrated roughly 700 Magento product categories into Shopify smart collections and imported around 3000 products, along with product attributes including simple products, grouped products and products with options. It’s important to note that despite how completely customizable a Magento catalog can be in terms of product configurations (with extensions), we’re able to solve those problems with creativity and technical chops.

Other data migration included:

  • CMS Content Migration
  • WordPress to Shopify blog migration
  • Custom configurable and customizable product types
  • Thousands of URL redirects
  • Candy Memories Blog derived from product attributes
  • Custom search term redirects functionality
  • Thousands of orders imported from two previous ecommerce platforms. The client is able to run historical data reports in Shopify using imported sales data.
  • Over 100 thousand customer records migrated from two previous ecommerce platforms.
  • Product reviews

Custom Features with Shopify Plus

Every client’s business is different, bringing with it different challenges. There were several features on their previous site that we needed to address and create solutions for in Shopify Plus including:

  • Delayed Delivery for Gifts in Cart
  • Gift Message/Hand Written Gift Cards for Gifts in Cart
  • Optional Donation to Water Wells for Africa in cart
  • Custom Ice Brix Workflow

In addition to the features we created in the cart to promote delayed delivery, gift messaging, and optional donations, we built out some extensive workflows using the Flow app for orders needing Ice Brix. This was an important challenge. Old Time Candy uses Ice Brix for shipping perishable items long distances during the hot summer months. No one wants to receive melted chocolate. The team at Old Time Candy had been relying on their customer service team to identify orders with meltable items and to manually select the amount of Ice Brix needed for each order, this process was timely and costly.

With Shopify Plus however, they were able to accomplish something that would have been cost prohibitive in Magento. Using the Flow App, our team was able to create a workflow that adds Ice Brix to the customer’s order based on certain order attributes (i.e. if the item is meltable). This triggers an automated workflow that runs and checks what zone an order is located in based on OldTimeCandy.com’s delivery map. All that is required for customer service now, is to look at the shipping segment and fulfill orders that could ship by end of week or holding off on fulfilling those that can’t. This process makes fulfillment faster and more efficient, all the while not sacrificing the delivery of the candy safely to the customer. We would count this as a big win for Old Time Candy.

Key Results

Overall, the project was a success. Old Time Candy is happy with their transition and they find that their customers and staff are having a better experience when using their website. 

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