Old Time Candy: Selling nostalgia one memory, and one piece of candy at a time.

About Our Partner

Old Time Candy sells “Candy you ate as a kid,” and their story is the sweet fulfillment of the classic American dream. In 2000, owners Don and Karen Bridge started selling nostalgic candy favorites from the basement of their Midwestern home.

From Day One, they’ve taken the marathon approach to their small family business. The Old Time Candy operation slowly took over their basement, then their entire home. Now they have their own warehouse and a team that works like a family.

For over 17 years, Old Time Candy has nurtured the simple delight of reliving childhood into strategic, organic growth. Today they compete at a national level in a highly specialized market niche. They invest in growing their brand and connecting with their customers in unique and charming ways.

Project Details

  • Client On-site Project Kickoff
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design & Development
  • Logo & Branding Redesign
  • Corporate Identity Overhaul
  • Magento Community Edition 1.9
  • Custom Ajax “Pack-A-Bag” Shopping Custom
  • Responsive WordPress Blog
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Charitable Donation Feature in Checkout
  • GoDataFeed Third-Party Integration
  • Critical Data Migration from 3DCart to Magento

Project Story

Dynamic father/daughter duo Don Bridge and Barb Peterseim came to us to revitalize the Old Time Candy brand and update their website. On the technical side, they’d exhausted the capabilities of their 3DCart store. Their back end functionality just wasn’t working as it should, and they needed a new platform. On the front end, their brand was starting to cross the line between nostalgic and outdated.

The Old Time Candy team was ready for a dedicated eCommerce partnership. They needed the technical skill to pull off a flawless data migration, and the creativity to infuse new flavor into their brand. Above all, their partner had to fully understand how a huge platform change would affect every aspect of their business.

Logo & Brand Identity Refresh

Old Time Candy has built their brand on an idea everyone can identify with: fun candy memories from your childhood. Every kid has a favorite candy. Whenever you bite into your faithful favorite, you’re transported back in time. Maybe you’re sneaking away from Mom’s eye to raid Grandma’s coffee table stash. Or you’re ten years old again, flying to the corner store on your bike, sweaty change held tightly as you anticipate that sweet sugar rush.

Those memories represent the Old Time Candy brand. Their mission is to help customers relive those happy times. We were lucky to have the opportunity to build on such a rock-solid foundation.

Their brand needed to be retro, but relevant. We updated their mascot, Donny, with a simplified shape and style. We also changed the brand colors from a muted orange and green to a vibrant red, white, and blue color scheme. These new classic colors and shapes captured the innocence and energy of their brand and message.

Redesigning For More Than Just Mobile

A vital element of this project was creating a site that made mobile shopping easy and quick. There’s a reason candy lines every checkout lane: It’s the quintessential impulse buy. Effortless shopping was key to capturing those sales.

But this presented another challenge. Years ago, Don hit on a powerful idea: Creating the digital version of an old-school candy shop. His 3DCart store’s custom “Pack A Bag” section was a fan favorite. The new site needed to improve on that model. Our solution: A pretty cool interface that lets you toss a few items in your bag quickly as you check out their candy. The same way you’d grab your favorites off the shelf in a corner candy store.

We also wanted to recreate the experience of wandering aimlessly, looking at every bin and display. Don had another trick up his sleeve for that. We replicated his “Walk the Candy Aisle” section. This lets you slowly wander through their store without having to click through 20 separate categories. Shoppers can try a Slo-Poke or Squirrel Nut Zipper for the first time and make some new memories for the future.

The Old Time Candy team had another goal close to their hearts: Bringing fresh water to Sierra Leone. On a trip to Africa, they learned that wells are desperately needed, and that it only costs about $3.50 to provide 20 years of clean water to a person. Old Time Candy has partnered with Water Wells for Africa to raise funds, and they match each customer donation dollar-for-dollar. They wanted to bring more attention to this cause, so we made sure to highlight and simplify the opportunity to give during each checkout.

Most importantly, we were able to improve the site structure to support these features, while also building an easy and intuitive site structure. Now mobile users can wander around and fill up their bags, one memory at a time.

"We were looking for a true business partner and Gauge has been that since day one."

— Don Bridge

Data Migration; Critical and Typically Underserved

Customer data, order history, wish lists, product catalog–this data is the backbone of any eCommerce business. Old Time Candy is no exception. Don and Barb understood that their data is their top asset. It’s incredibly important to their business and to their customers.

Data migration is often severely neglected. Exporting data, cleaning it up, adapting it to the new cart, and importing correctly–it’s labor intensive, tedious work. In an hourly billing model, data migration can be very expensive. Many clients would rather spend their dollars on flashy features or high-profile design.

The Old Time Candy team didn’t want to make that mistake. Because we use flat-rate, fixed pricing, we could invest the time and attention this critical stage demanded. The result: A seamless transition with zero lost data. Everything was in its proper place and running smoothly by Launch Day.

This project was a huge success. After launch, we built on our partnership with a regular monthly service agreement. Today we work closely with Old Time Candy on regular marketing campaigns. Don, Barb, and the Old Time Candy team have been ideal partners. Through mutual trust, we created a long-term transformation for their business that pays off, every day.

Key Results

  • New design highlights gift options; increased gift pageviews 116%
  • 62% revenue increase for users who visit a gift page
  • 51% increase in mobile conversions
  • 90% increase in mobile revenue
  • 100% increase in customer donations to Water Wells for Africa