ORAFOL - Transforming a Legacy ERP

About Our Partner

ORAFOL vehicle wraps specializes in giving customers the highest quality car wraps in the most diverse variety of colors and designs. ORAFOL wraps allow owners to showcase their own flare on their automotive vehicles. As a team that has worked with ORAFOL for a long time, we have seen them establish their brand as one of the top competitors in their arena, while maintaining a strong relationship with individual customers and large retailers alike. As part of building strong relationships with their talented installers, ORAFOL came to us to develop a B2B site that could support their growing community.

Project Details

  • Magento 2 B2B Site Build
  • Custom Responsive Theme Design
  • Custom Admin Theme Development
  • Multi-tier user accounts and order comments
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Custom ERP and ORAFOL API Systems Integration
  • Forced Login Extension
  • Custom Rewards System
  • Custom Store Credit Extension
  • Custom Widgets Extension for homepage and CMS pages
  • Custom WYSIWYG PDF extension

Project Story

From the Ground Up

ORAFOL came to Gauge with the goal of creating a B2B site that could scale with their business and provide an optimal shopping experience for customers. They wanted a B2B site that could provide installers with the information and ability to place orders, along with an overhauling of their 14-year-old ERP system. Up to that point, ORAFOL didn’t have a B2B presence, so we knew that we would have to start from scratch. Much of this project required custom building and integration, which drove us toward using Magento 2 as the platform for development.


Understanding the Goals

Like all projects at Gauge, we began with an onsite meeting at ORAFOL’s Georgia location. Our team toured their warehouse and experienced the day to day operations, along with speaking to project managers who expressed the goals and objectives for this project. We collaborated with them to help develop a project goals that would fit their expectations, without exceeding the budget.



ORAFOL’s distributors and sales team required a responsive, easy to use portal to preview products and order material. Their old portal was outdated, difficult to use, and did not display information in a way that aided users in their decision making. The Orafol team made it explicitly clear that the site needed to be easy to use, no matter who was accessing it, or where they were accessing it from. We wanted to make the daily operations of their site simplified for their distributors and salesmen, who are on the road and needed a mobile approach to stay connected to all things ORAFOL.

Our designers focused on a user flow that would cater to the needs of the user no matter their purpose. From the home page, users could access products and their categories, as well as access all important order and invoice searching, along with stock checking. Along with this, a problem we faced was giving a new flow and look to the distributor tools that are so important for ORAFOL. We designed several new pages that streamlined these specific actions. Many of these pages required old databases or old processes. Our designers worked with our development team to make sure users weren’t overwhelmed or frustrated with those processes.


Rebuilding a custom ERP connector

ORAFOL’s 14-year-old ERP system web services integration used on the previous version of their site, which was used for orders, inventory, and invoices, was funneling information from two different physical locations, was coded in 3 different coding languages, and had zero documentation. Gauge’s team completely rebuild this integration using modern best-practices and thoroughly documented our work so that ORAFOL could completely leverage all the functionality available in their new Magento 2 platform. The task of building this system completely from scratch was not simple, but our team is filled with digital experts with deep technical expertise and experience in this realm and we were able to deliver an integration which removed over a technical debt and allowed ORAFOL to continue build on this codebase as they continue to grow and add to their site.


Overcoming Challenges

In the early stages of this project, our development team discovered that ORAFOL’s CMinds extension was not functioning properly. Our team focused on fixing this, while also creating a custom functionality that layered into an already existing functionality within CMinds. Though it took a few months, the workflow was perfected and it began to work well for both the team and their site. This project required a large customization that was essentially built from scratch. With this came some challenges, but our team thrives on these challenges. Ryan, one of our talented developers, helped guide and install ORAFOL’s new system in house, which was a long, but successful process. We spent the time to sit down with their IT team and fully explain and guide them in their new platform.  Overall, the ORAFOL team was equipped to operate the site successfully.

Key Results

  • Laid the foundation for B2B and created a site with the ability to capture commerce transactions
  • Created a new ERP system integration to replace their legacy web services system that integrated tightly with their new Magento 2 store