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ORAFOL has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to vehicle wrapping. Though an innovator in their field, they were faced with challenges from rising industry competitors. Traditionally B2B, ORAFOL sought to find a way to connect with their social audience more directly. We worked hand in hand with them to bridge the digital gap that separated the two, while continuing to build brand momentum.

Following their site launch, we worked with the ORAFOL team to strengthen their brand identity within the ORAFOL vehicle wraps division–separate from its parent brand, ORAFOL Americas. Through social engagement and digital conversation, we continue to grow their brand and foster a loyal following.  

Project Details


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Channel Guide


  • End-to-End Social Media Channel Management
  • Event Coverage on Social Channels
  • Social Promotion of New Website Content
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Project Story

Social Posting to Increase Engagement

#ORAFans are a global community of wrap enthusiasts that ORAFOL seeks to engage with on a regular basis. Whether that be through new wrapping ideas, recognizing project successes, or promoting skilled installers, the ORAFOL social community is stretching its reach and becoming stronger. As a growing community, we work with ORAFOL to spark digital conversations and build a body of wrap aficionados.

We created a digital marketing strategy that involves not only providing dynamic and engaging content, but also fostering communication with the ORAFOL fan base of wrap installers and car owners. We create conversations and plant the seed for the customers to imagine themselves sporting the latest ORACAL 970RA Shift Effect wrap on their tuned up Civic Si or their brand new BMW M5.

We not only follow up and connect with these fans and followers on a regular basis, but we curate and feature their unique content through ORAFOL social channels and the website. With the goal of cross promoting and organically building and nurturing relationships that are equally beneficial for #ORAFans and the ORAFOL brand; ultimately leading to growth in each social channel.  

Our Trips to SEMA

SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is trade show event where lovers of all things automotive come together and share their passions for vehicle enhancement. This gathering consists of a variety of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more. It’s a place where ORAFOL makes noise and stands out.  

We attended two of these events with ORAFOL, to capture the aura of this car wrap world. To truly experience the excitement of the events, our team traveled to neon Las Vegas and embedded itself in and amongst the fun. Here, we took pictures of wrap demonstrations, had conversations with attendees, and live-streamed events. Immersing our team in the event made it possible to tell the story of SEMA+ORAFOL, and created exciting digital dialogues with wrap enthusiasts around the world.

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