ORAFOL: Using transformative products to transform a brand’s online presence.

About Our Partner

ORAFOL’s films, reflectives, and sign products have many uses, but the brand is best known for their automotive wraps. ORAFOL wraps are an easy way to customize and protect any vehicle. By building their network of installers and retailers, ORAFOL has been steadily growing their impact in national and global markets. Durability, longevity, and a wide array of style and color options make ORAFOL a favorite among car enthusiasts everywhere.

Project Details

  • Client On-site Project Kickoff
  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design & Development
  • Logo Design, Branding, & Corporate Identity
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • End-to-End Social Media Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Campaign Design
  • Custom Instagram Feed Integration
  • Custom Location Plugin Integration

Project Story

ORAFOL’s high-quality products have made it a longtime industry leader. But recently, their team realized that their brand presence had slipped. Aggressive marketing from a growing list of competitors was diluting their impact. ORAFOL had always sold their vehicle wraps to installers, so they had never tried to directly engage with their end customers. We worked with them to branch into this new venture and regain lost ground.

First we created a brand identity for the ORAFOL vehicle wraps division, distinct and separate from its parent brand, ORACAL. We built on ORACAL’s reputation but gave the ORAFOL brand its own twist. The result is clean and arresting. It strikes a perfect balance between the brand’s heritage and the vibrancy of the current restyling market.

After laying that foundation, the next step was to build a new site. Our goal was to showcase the products to end users. Using beautiful cars wrapped in ORAFOL products, we flaunted the wide range of color, finish, and metallic options they offer.

The new site looks amazing, but we knew it would need a turbo-boost. So our creative team built a dynamic, comprehensive social media strategy. Instagram was our main target and an easy choice for our focus. We rounded out the strategy with critical Twitter and Facebook content. With a gorgeous new site and dedicated customer engagement, ORAFOL is well on its way back to the top of the market.

Key Results

  • Increased Facebook followers from 0 to 25K+
  • Increased Instagram followers from 0 to 9.4K+
  • Increased YouTube subscribers from 0 to 500+
  • Increased YouTube views from 0 to 1.5M+