Pacific World: International eCommerce Expansion

About Our Partner

Sensationail is a brand owned by the Pacific World corporation based in California. Pacific World owns and operates many well-known cosmetics brands all over the globe. We started working with their eCommerce team in order to build a new store on a clean Magento 2 codebase to serve their German market.

Project Details

  • Code Audit
  • Magento 2 Open Source Edition
  • ORACLE ERP Integration
  • Complete German Language Translation
  • Product Data Migration
  • Theme Rebuild
  • Mobile Friendly (responsive) Theme
  • PayPal Payments
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Custom Product Detail Page Template
  • 30 Days of Post Launch Support

Project Story

The Sensationail team came to us with a desire to expand their business in the EU. They had seen sales grow on their UK store and saw the opportunity to capture a larger part of the German market with a store dedicated to German language speakers.

The main goal of this project was to build a new store on Magento 2, using the layout, look, and feel of the UK store as a template. The Sensationail team had experienced a number of issues with poor quality code before and were looking for a partner to create a stable and efficient store. They needed a team who could deliver a high-quality product on a quick timeline.

We were able to effectively work with their global team to build and launch a new store on time, and on budget.


A Stable Codebase

During the project, the Sensationail team was led by Andy Stameson (CIO) and Jeff Ruch (Project Manager).

Since Sensationail is only one of many brands owned by Pacific World, Andy and Jeff wanted to ensure that the site was built according to best practices so new Magento websites could quickly be created for other markets or languages as the business saw fit in the future. In order to get our feet wet we started with a detailed code audit over a number of weeks that ultimately showed we would be better off building a new store on a clean Magento 2 codebase. This would allow Pacific World to use this Magento installation as a foundation for further expanding their eCommerce business.A stable codebase would also mean easier upgrades in the future and less technical headaches in the short term.  


Deep Content Translations

Since this store was meant to focus on the German market, effective translations were a key piece of this project. Jeff worked directly with a 3rd party translation company to create, review, and deliver all content to our team.

Through close collaboration we were able to ensure that the entire front-end was effectively translated. Jeff and his team added a lot of content via the Magento back-end, where our team made code level changes to Magento to ensure that all pages and templates used the correct language translations. Overall, this process went very smoothly thanks to great attention to detail by all 3 teams involved.


ORACLE ERP Integration

In order to plug into the systems used by many different business units at Pacific World, we had to extend Magento to integrate with their ORACLE ERP system. We were able to work with a 3rd party integrator (Smart Dog Services) who was working to maintain Sensationail’s ORACLE installation and codebase. Our Developers were able to interface with their development team to make sure that we were able to successfully exchange order and customer data which powers fulfillment, accounting and other critical business processes. This was done quickly and effectively by exchanging CSV files with their system. This kept development and maintenance costs low, provided security, redundancy, and a backup of old files. Pursuing a live data integration via API would have been much more costly with no real business gains, so we elected for the simpler, more elegant solution.


Mobile Ease of Use

As with any build at Gauge we paid very close attention to mobile usability.  We were able to build on the inherited theme from the Sensationail UK store while also making some simple improvements to usability throughout the project. All in all the store is very easy to navigate no matter what type of a device you are using which has helped to ensure that shoppers can easily purchase no matter where they are.


Key Results

  • Reliable and secure ORACLE ERP integration
  • On time, on budget launch
  • Easy to use mobile theme
  • Clean and stable Magento 2 Open Source codebase
  • Complete German language translation
  • Expansion into a new eCommerce market