Red Clover - Fueling eCommerce growth through strategy

About Our Partner

Red Clover is a Savannah based apparel and fashion retailer with multiple brands and multiple brick and mortar storefronts. Located in the Historic District of Savannah, they deliver quality designs and upcoming trends at a price fitting for everyone. Their shop is constantly refreshed with the newest styles and updated across their website and social channels.

Leah and Thu are passionate business owners, who have built a brand that mixes the adventurous with the stylish, all at a price that doesn’t break customer’s wallets. Red Clover continues to be one of the most recognized boutiques in the Savannah area, winning awards for best affordable boutique and best accessories, all while growing a diverse audience of both Savannah residents and national customers alike. Leah and Thu’s pursuit to deliver the best of coastal southern fashion continues to build along with the Red Clover digital audience.

Project Details

Project Story

Ready to Work

As a small business, Red Clover found itself caught in the day to day operations while trying to increase healthy growth both in house and online. Growing eCommerce reach was something that Leah and Thu wanted to explore. They knew the potential for digital growth, and wanted to partner with Gauge to help Red Clover reach that potential. We created a simple and actionable plan that was balanced with our team’s expertise to drive that growth.


On Site and Personal

Onsite interaction is something that our team values from the beginning of a project, to its final completion. It is through the onsite process that we develop a relationship with the partner–a relationship built on trust and driven by collaboration. Because of Red Clover’s Savannah location, we were able to meet face to face with Leah and Thu regularly throughout the project’s process. Our creative and marketing team had the opportunities to sit down and collaborate with the Red Clover people, creating a dichotomy that encouraged new ideas and pushed the brand forward.    


Building a Strong Foundation

Our relationship starts with a creative marketing plan–a document examining the business’s current challenges, future goals, and potential opportunities for growth. We examine every foundational platform and recommend strategy and services for email marketing, social media and on-site optimization. With Red Clover, we created a 6-month plan focused on growing their digital audience through email marketing. Our email marketing strategy was three prong: in-store, on-site, and social media email acquisition, paired with an email marketing calendar. From there, we focused to create, deliver, and discuss the performance of the email campaign, which was distributed to Red Clover audiences and converted clicks to cash.

"“We wanted to grow our eCommerce, but didn’t have the expertise to do it alone, so we contacted Gauge. They helped with email marketing and branding email templates for our website, and we appreciate that they understood that and worked out a plan that suited our needs .” "

— Leah Riffle and Thu Tran-Litts, Owners, Red Clover

Key Results

Through this project, we developed a strong relationship with Leah, Thu, and the Red Clover brand. We saw the connection that they had with their brand and wanted to translate that to a larger audience. Our constant collaboration throughout the process allowed for their team to stay informed on key metrics and analytics that would influence future initiatives. At the end of our project, we saw a growth in site traffic, customers, and their email list, which continues to drive their business today.   

  • Traffic increase YoY: 6.23%
  • eCommerce Revenue increase YoY: 36.11%
  • eCommerce Conversion Rate increase YoY: 19.04%
  • List growth during 6 months 29%