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Founded by Richard Gibbs in 1978, Ricardo Beverly Hills blends the west coast lifestyle with the state of mind for travel and exploration. Their mission is simple, to make products that inspire wanderlust and bring life to traveling. For more than 40 years, they have continued to push people to explore the world and brought joy to the traveling experience through innovative design and marketing of luggage and travel accessories.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Shopify Build

Project Details

Project Management

  • Planning On-Site

Custom Development

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Advanced Storytelling Content
  • Advanced Blog Setup
  • Retail Store Locator App

Shopify Development

  • Replatform to Shopify
  • New Skyway Luggage theme
  • Consolidated Stephanie Johnson as a category on Ricardo Beverly Hills store


  • Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design
  • PDP Enhancements
Ricardo Beverly Hills Mobile Category Page
Ricardo Beverly Hills Store Locator Mobile
Ricardo Beverly Hills Passport Mobile
Ricardo Beverly Hills Mobile Homepage
Ricardo Beverly Hills Mobile PDP
Ricardo Beverly Hills Desktop PDP
Ricardo Beverly Hills Desktop Category Page

Project Story

People travel for the experience—from the time they pack their suitcases, their experience continues throughout their journey until they have found themselves home again. As a brand that participates in those journeys, Ricardo Beverly Hills needed to give customers one worth remembering on their site. We partnered with their team to create an immersive eCommerce experience that encompassed all of the brands under the Ricardo umbrella.  

Client On-Site

Our business is all about partnership. When we work with clients it isn’t a one-time transaction but rather a long term relationship that helps grow both parties. This all begins with on-site visits to our client’s location. We sent our project manager and lead designer out to Seattle, WA to sit down with the Ricardo team, where they covered content maps, design ideas, and more. There, we were able to kick off the project on the right foot, allowing their team to meet the faces they would be coordinating with over the course of the project.

A Shopify Solution

After understanding the goals of the Ricardo team and analyzing their needs, we selected Shopify as their platform. Ricardo Beverly Hills is an interesting project in that they own and operate three separate brands under the Ricardo name—Ricardo Beverly Hills, Stephanie Johnson, and Skyway. Through this process, Ricardo consolidated their once three separate stores into two stores. The first being Ricardo Beverly Hills, with Stephanie Johnson as a category of accessories on the site, and the second being Skyway.

Ricardo has an incredible media team that produces some of the best content we have come across in our experience. We wanted to bring that content to life on their site through a variety of storytelling capabilities. As a seasoned Shopify Partner, we wanted to create an experience for their internal marketing and technical teams that empowered them to build, maintain, and deploy pages faster and more effectively. With this reduction in technical overhead, they could reallocate their time to marketing efforts and storytelling while providing customers with an unforgettable experience.

Creating Advanced Storytelling Capabilities

In our experience, stellar content drives customer engagement. The Ricardo team prides itself on creating content that gives customers a window into the travel lifestyle. On their previous site, this content was lost amongst a variety of other elements. We refocused the lens, allowing the content to speak for itself by creating manipulative modules that can hold a diverse amount of content. This gave Ricardo the ability to simply move these modules around on their site and make adjustments as needed.

As trends come and go and content is constantly in flux, we understood the importance of providing the Ricardo team with the flexibility to manage the content on the site. Through innovative design and development, we were able to give Ricardo six modules with 20+ different options per module. These combinations allow their team to edit text, add photo and video, highlight products and much more, without the need for deep technical changes.

Creating An Experience As Enjoyable As Travel

Just like all eCommerce websites, the product detail page is one of the most traditional features. It is where most customers come to explore, analyze, and purchase your products. The Ricardo brand is constantly innovating and we wanted to harness that mentality and apply it to the most prevalent pages of the Ricardo site to deliver something unique yet organic.

Ricardo’s high-quality content was a major focus point for this entire project and the product detail page presented the best opportunity to highlight that. One of the priorities for showcasing luggage was the ability to display both the external and internal views of the product easily. Our team dedicated time to create a custom PDP navigation that allowed users to select the term associated with a parent image, showing users that particular view in a vertical image gallery. For a team like Ricardo, mobile friendliness is a constant focus and we wanted to deliver an experience that reflected the simplicity of mobile through a vertical scroll feature. Rather than leaving the PDP to scroll left to right, we created a seamless experience for mobile and desktop users where the associated product images and video are followed vertically, mimicking that of a mobile experience.

Encouraging Travel Through A Themed Blog

Blog content is a typical feature of most client’s sites. It is the place where frequent customers go to learn more about the brand, its products or the culture. The Ricardo Beverly Hills “Passport” is a collection of blog content that features articles about luggage design and style, all the way to travel tips and food suggestions. To bring structure to their blog, we created a multichannel experience where users can select specific categories based on a topic such as design or travel tips. Similarly, we delivered a module-based structure that allowed for Ricardo to highlight up to 6 different pieces of content on the blog’s homepage. These simple, yet effective changes allowed Ricardo to organize their content and present it in a way that was user-friendly and engaging.

Key Results

Ricardo Beverly Hills inspires travel. Whether you’re a businessman or journalist, model or mother, the brand continues to inspire through its innovative design and engaging content. Each piece of luggage contains hundreds of stories and journeys that a customer carries with them. We took the experience of traveling and brought it to Ricardo’s customers on their store through a variety of customizations:

  • Intentional storytelling functionality
  • Seamless experiences across all devices
  • Genre-based blog content
  • Intuitive product detail pages
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