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About Our Partner

STX’s mission from its beginnings in competitive sport equipment has been innovation. From their development of the first synthetic lacrosse head to score goals in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship in 1971, to their reinvention of the traditional hockey stick, STX has established itself as a brand looking to give athletes greater capabilities for practice and in-game performance.

The STX team is driven to providing athletes with the best equipment to put balls in the net, pucks in the goal and numbers on the scoreboard. With their ice-breaking technology, PureGrip, STX reinvented the shape of the hockey stick to mimic the mold of the human hand, giving players a more natural feel throughout their performance. Just as STX empowers hockey players around the globe, we sought to empower the regular consumers by modernizing their eCommerce site, giving their audience a more efficient and accurate way to purchase products.

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Project Details

Magento Development

  • Magento Enterprise
  • Third-party integration with warehouse for shipping and fulfillment
  • ShipperHQ Configuration
  • Custom build third-party fulfillment integration


  • Theme Update (dark to light)
  • Revamp PDP (imagezoom and video)
  • Brand Story Section

Project Story

A Direct to Consumer Approach

STX sought to bridge the creative gap between their brand website and their eCommerce site, while maintaining their established brand style. They also wanted to make their ice hockey products available to consumers directly, while improving their website’s UX, transitioning to a more traditional eCommerce experience.

On the front end, STX needed to find a way to pair their brand aesthetic with their eCommerce, while maintaining two distinct sites. Along with that, they wanted to simplify the way that buyers interacted with products and give them a cleaner transaction process.

Developing a Partnership

The team at STX was making a big change by starting to sell ice hockey products directly to consumers, and we wanted to support them in that process.

As part of our process, we traveled to Baltimore to meet the STX team to have face-to-face conversations and see the brand alive in their space. This gave our team the opportunity to truly understand the long-term vision that STX had. With a growing and loyal customer base, an innovative product line, and a rock-solid market strategy, STX and Gauge were ready to take the next steps.

In our work, we focus on trust and transformation–in which STX was looking for a team to trust their business with, and we wanted to instill confidence in their transformation. Through this we created not only a great project, but a strong partnership that continues today.

Launching a New Product Line

STX was ready to add more products to their eCommerce site, and the next phase for them was ice hockey. As a major product in their inventory, getting the categories for ice hockey gear and making it live was a primary focus for this project. In launching the new product line, we collaborated with their team to re-design the color scheme to a more neutral and welcoming white, that was balanced by the sharp, vibrant red, along with transitioning to a more traditional eCommerce layout. This included moving the product images and video to the left margin, and the product description to the right, allowing buyers to view the product and see its features without having to scroll. Similarly, we added a “brand story section” that allowed STX to showcase the unique technological features that were in each product.

Their team wanted to simplify the way that buyers interacted with their product pages. This started with a bulk import of their product data–a traditionally difficult task. With our skilled development team, the transition was smooth and all their data was transferred.

Transforming the Customer Experience

We wanted to help STX find the hybrid between their brand site and their eCommerce site. The brand represented innovation, which was reflected in their minimalistic, yet dynamic color scheme, along with a direct and simple UX. The problem they faced was an outdated eCommerce style, that made selecting and purchasing a process, rather than a click.

A major focus for STX was to ensure that their high quality imagery was featured for buyers as well. Our team created a zoom/isolation feature that allows buyers to see greater details of the products, making it more interactive and personal. This overall made a major impact on UX, giving buyers the freedom to explore products at length, and engage with the the site.

Optimizations in Shipping

As most B2C businesses know, shipping operations are essential to the overall purchasing process. We wanted to simplify and optimize STX’s system to make it a cleaner, more hassle-free process on their end. Our team configured an extension that integrated STX’s third-party shipping from remote warehouses using ShipperHQ–a shipping management system. Our custom third-party fulfillment integration allowed orders to be placed on the eCommerce site, then directed toward the specific warehouse with that product, indicating its purchase. From there, real-time tracking data gets delivered to the STX customer, allowing them to follow the progress of their purchase from the shelf to their front door.  

“Gauge consists of an extremely responsive team that routinely under promises and over delivers.”

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