The Insole Store: A booming business created around comfort and relief.

About Our Partner

The Insole Store has been selling online for many years. The owner, Tyler, came to us soon after purchasing the business. The site’s previous owner had built a steady but largely passive income. Tyler wanted to change that. His elbow grease and business savvy has transformed The Insole Store from a site with low volume and small profit into a booming business at the top of his market.

Project Details

  • Client On-site Project Kickoff
  • Custom Site Design
  • Magento Community Edition 1.6
  • Custom Product Selector Web App
  • WordPress Blog
  • One Database, Multiple Stores
  • Custom Cart Configuration
  • Custom Shipping Configuration
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopping Feeds

Project Story

The Insole Store sells comfort. They feature insoles, orthotic arch supports, and custom products for men and women. These podiatrist-recommended products relieve a wide array of foot pain and conditions.

Laying A Strong Foundation

Tyler asked us to upgrade his store and prepare it for aggressive marketing. We started with an upgrade to the latest version of Magento. A new, cleaner site design gave the store a fresh feel. We also made interface updates, added useful extensions, and enabled popular shopping feeds.

This solid marketing foundation cleared the way for effective marketing. Today, the Insole Store team creates valuable content on their WordPress blog, with cross-links to their products. With this method they’ve build a strong organic search presence.

A Custom App for Custom Products

The Insole Store site offers many products and options, so we wanted to simplify product selection. One of the new site’s strongest features is the Insole Selector App. We combined Magento’s built-in filter navigation with some simple questions to create a personalized buying experience. This simple custom app guides the shopper to the right product for them.

Growing The Insole Store Family

Tyler and his team also created another brand focused on footwear products. Magento made it easy to add to The Insole Store family. We collaborated with them to develop a quick brand identity. Then we gave the brand a clean, simple storefront to showcase this new product line.

Working in close partnership, we’ve helped Tyler and his team grow revenue by 830% within their new site’s first year. Now, the name of the game is enhancement. Tyler’s ambitious and analytical,  always checking his data and making tweaks. We love working with entrepreneurs like him. Helping a small business thrive with dynamic growth is incredibly fulfilling.

Key Results

Revenue growth of 830% in the year after launch.